Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And there I am - by the Grace of God....

The holidays are always wonderful.  And every year, just as the holidays end and everything gets back to "normal", I'm left with an emptyness.  I don't know if others share this emptyness or "post holiday blues", or if I'm mental...but that's where I am today, by the Grace of God.  Which is weird, because I'm not the least bit sad! 

But there is just "something" missing.  Perhaps it's all the twinkling lights! Or it could be that the dawn of a new year brings out my mental list of all those things I didn't accomplish last year (I tend to hug the overachiever tree more tightly than others). Fortunately, I'm old enough (i've seen many, many moons) to recognize the feeling as "ok" and move on - over the years I've tried to analyze it and been bogged down til spring.  But I've found it entirely beneficial to myself and those around me (especially those around me) to acknowledge the "feeling" and move on.  I call it one of God's Grace Things.  Didn't want it, didn't expect it, didn't know I needed it, wrong color, size, shape  - but there it is - by the Grace of God - So now what am I to learn from it?!?!  Some years are worse than others.  This year, I found myself WAITING for the depression in the midst of happiness.  An unusual combo - kinda like sweet and salty.....

Anyway, I heard this quote and could not stop thinking about it - and just had to share.  Just think of  it as one of those Christmas presents that was hid so well, it was just now found (those are always fun).  I'm certain this quote will turn up in a painting. But for today, if you find yourself  in need of a good cry - it's okay - in fact, it's better than okay.  Just be your wonderful self!

There is a sacredness in tears.  They are not the mark of weakness, but of pain.  They are messengers of overwhelming grief and of unspeakable love. Washington Irving

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Mary said...

Hi Cindi, sometime I wonder if it is just the letdown of all the busyness, family, and celebration. Other times I think it is God trying to get our attention. It does give us pause to reflect on those feelings, and not ignore or push them down.

Love the quote!

Wishing you a blessed New Year!