Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Pics

Sometimes, I think it would be better if I didn't mess with the pictures - here's what Tiffy and Miss Priss look like freshly taken out in the great sunshine. I try to show all the distressing, but I think it just looks washed out online.  Thanks for taking the time to look!



Rosa is painted on a 11.5x18.5 wood canvas with acrylic paint, India ink, scrapbook papers and UV sealer.  Her messages is Peace...

Miss Prissy

If you can't be a good example -- then you'll just have to be a horrible warning. -Catherine-

Barnyard Gossip

Clara: “Just look at that there Miss Prissy, Thelma! She thinks she's ALL THAT.”

Thelma: “We're just as good as her, Clara. And don't you forget it.”

Clara: “Where ever did she get that outfit?”

Thelma: “I don't know, but Crystal down at the Hair Palace, says she heard from Betty Sue over at the Five-and-Dime that she orders them online from some fashion boutique or other all the way up yonder in New York City!”

Clara: “Online! Ya mean with a computer? - My Gracious! And all the way from New York City? Bless my soul...Well, if that's how they dress up yonder in that there New York City – I want NO part of it! Why Thelma, what ever would the girls in our Sunday school class say if'n we dolled up and dressed like that?”

Thelma: “Why Clara...they'd say we looked like we'd done been dipped in glue and drug through a flea market!!” Giggle, giggle....

Clara: “How true, true.” Giggle, giggle...


Tiffany Carrington - Fashionista Cow...

Tiffany Carrington – Tiffy to her friends – is a fashionista cow. She struts her stuff in the open pasture runway and grazes at all the finest bistro grass plains. Her beverage of choice is a domestic green grass skinny half caf half decaf with a fresh cream kicker and a sprig of dandelion. Her passion is to one day own a pair of Jimmy Choo red peep-toe pumps in her size – extra wide round. But we'll talk about that later. Right now, Tiffy's fashion craze centers on the truly unique vintage styles of the Grand Ole Opry – Nashville, Tennessee circa 1960s. As you can see, Tiffy is simply spectacular in the updated “Minnie Pearl” look, with the price tag in her ear, of course, as straw hats are SO LAST season!