Monday, July 18, 2011

...and this little piggie...

Howdy Ya'll! Here's my latest pic...

Hog Day Afternoon
I'm pleased to introduce you to ABRA.HAM!
He's a cutie. The camera doesn't show the vibrant rich colors and texture - 18X18 on a wood canvas, Abra.ham is painted with acrylics, India Ink and a whole lot of stress-out-ness attitude. Here's his quote:
“(sniff) Do you smell bacon? Cause, I'm sure I smell bacon! That is bacon, isn't it? I knew I smelled bacon! Don't you smell it? It smells just like bacon doesn't it? (Sniff) Don't tell me it's not bacon, cause I should think I know bacon when I smell bacon and THAT is definitely bacon! (Sniff, Sniff) I knew it, I just knew I smelled bacon! Ooooooh, This is not at all the day I had planned.”


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