Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Chicken

Howdy Ya'll!  This here is my Big Chicken.  I love it soooooo much!  My inspiration was a trip my husband and I made before we had kids, to a little town in Georgia.  They boasted about the BIG chicken - with billboards everywhere taunting us to "SEE THE BIG CHICKEN"... Everyone in the town told us to be sure and go see the BIG chicken.  We asked directions from just about everyone we saw - all were different - but we never found the BIG chicken.  It must have been a great folly created by the marketing committee for the town - cause we certainly saw the entire small town, but we never saw the BIG chicken!  We laughed on the way out of town thinking the chicken was so BIG, one leg was planted in one county and the other leg was planted in another county...I still haven't see the BIG chicken, so I created one of my own...  He definitely has a little bit of an attitude - painted on a wood plank, he measures 41X36.  The chicken body is made from my favorite mixed media material - light weight drywall spackling.  Of course, he's much prettier in person (a photographer I'm not...)



Mary said...

love, love, love this!!!

Mary said...

oh, I live near the BIG CHICKEN!!!! :)

Lilly J said...

the colors are stunning :)