Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fionna Louise - Sold

Hi Ya'll! I can't believe the oddles of inquiries I had about Fionna Louise AFTER she was sold! I wanted to let everyone know that she was sold as of Monday afternoon 3p.m., to a lovely person. So, to all those who have inquired about her - I'm so sorry you missed her - but thanks so much for your interest, encouragement and kind words.

I count this "test" as a success and will definitely be adding more "for sale by owner" art work to my blog in the future. So, stay tuned! And again, a great big thanks to the purchaser of Fionna Louise and to all ya'll who inquired but sadly missed out on her - thanks for your continued kind words and support of my art!

p.s. I've got new art coming soon.....

Thanks bunches,

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